97% of Internet ads are NOT for REAL Background Screenings.
We can tell you why.



We are proud of our training and support and have the testimony to back it up.  Here are excerpts from some of our Background Screening of America Consultants.

 “I just completed my first training session with Mitchell and I’m really stoked.  I learned so much and I can’t wait to start on session number 2”……

“I just wanted to let you know that the training and support have been superb and I am so pleased with the way Zach has been there for me when I have needed to get something done”…….

“Right from my first conversation in my exploration of the business with Jerry, I began to feel comfortable.  I appreciated his patience and the way he explained things so thoroughly while never trying to sell me anything.  Since the, I rate your training and support as excellent and I am very happy with my decision to be in this business”…..

“We are delighted with our decision to purchase a BSA business”…..

“Nothing is perfect in this world, but being able to work from home and develop a business at my own pace is as they say, priceless.  This has been as good as it gets.  I had my doubts as I guess everybody does and I am glad I found the courage to move forward”…..

Success Map

“It really is pretty much as you said.  After a few conversations with business people I have gotten quite comfortable and each new person I talk to is easier and easier.  I am also happy to say that I have my first 2 clients lined up, a medical clinic and a large automobile dealer.  Thank you for your continued assistance and support”……

“Well, you asked me to write a testimonial for you and so you already know I’m pleased with my progress.   I simply love this business.  I have met great people at both BSA corporate as well as my clientele.  What a joy it is to get up in the morning and look forward to each day because we do something both necessary and good.   I appreciate all that you have done for me and I am inspired to know that we will be working together for a long, long time”……

“The best thing about presenting myself to a potential client is being able to say to them that they will be dealing with an owner, not some kid in a call center.  When they hear that, they get it right away and are anxious to talk to me.   I have not had one case where the issue of cost was prominent because we are so competitive price wise and so much better for service.”

“The direct mail pieces are great.  I just got my first client from a mail out.  Offering the 3 free screenings is brilliant”…..

“I just signed up a client who lives over 1500 miles from me.  It was early in my time zone and if they only knew I was still in my pajamas at the time.   Try wearing your pajamas to somebody’s place of business and getting the deal.  Working form home is the best unless you inherit money and don’t have to work at all (ha ha)”…..

“I’m mad!!!  As you may know, I am in my mid-fifties and I wish I had found this business when I was younger.  Then again it didn’t exist until the technology became available.  Thanks for the great training and continuing support”….

Measurable Value

Training & Support

Detailed manuals, teleconference training sessions, fast-response support system —you’ll have your business up to full speed lightning-fast

How This Business Works

Client-performed searches, repeat sales, extensive product list, recession proof—an ideal business model for the start-up entrepreneur

Defender Series™
Search Packages

One-click search packages tailored to specific industries —a unique marketing tool and an outstanding product

Our History & Expertise

How we perfected the start-up structure and our responsive training system—and why it matters to your decision