97% of Internet ads are NOT for REAL Background Screenings.
We can tell you why.

Program Components


It matters little if you have the greatest service or product in the world if nobody buys what you have to offer.

Our business concept is always to get a qualified individual into business for as little money as possible. Then the mission is to funnel you leads and clients that want and need your services. Thatís how we earn our living --- making sure that our BSA Background Screening Consultants succeed. It all starts with you being successful first.

To provide this enormous opportunity for success, we rely on tried and true methods of traditional marketing concepts that BSA Consultants have proven to work over and over again. Never willing to stand still we are always looking for new venues to create clients for our BSA Consultants and we will always be seeking to innovate.

You will enjoy the immediate marketing benefits of:

  • Your own direct mail campaign

  • *Leads and clients funneled directly to you from our marketing website. BSA does not retain corporate accounts --- all accounts are handed to BSA Consultants*

  • The BSA Internet Referral Program (IRP)

  • The BSA Account Introduction Program (AIP)

  • BSA Client Share Program

  • BSA Corporate assistance to close

Your business will be distinguished by not only the marketing to bring the client onboard, but by the superb level of service you will be able to provide your clients with BSA backing you up. In plain language, we know how to get a client on board and keep them---and thatís money in the bank every month.

  • BSA clients developed from the BSA corporate marketing website are part of the BSA Take Action Bonus Program which your BSA Business Development representative will explain to you.

Measurable Value

Training & Support

Detailed manuals, teleconference training sessions, fast-response support system —you’ll have your business up to full speed lightning-fast

How This Business Works

Client-performed searches, repeat sales, extensive product list, recession proof—an ideal business model for the start-up entrepreneur

Defender Series™
Search Packages

One-click search packages tailored to specific industries —a unique marketing tool and an outstanding product

Our History & Expertise

How we perfected the start-up structure and our responsive training system—and why it matters to your decision