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We can tell you why.

Mutual Investment Partnering

Mutual Investment Partnering™ - why your future is our future

One of our goals in all business opportunity design is assuring our associates that we will always be available for support and mentoring, without reducing their cash flow through fees or profit-sharing. We do this by providing the essential behind-the-scenes support services and materials ourselves, rather than passing associates on to a third party. This way, we make money through providing services you would need anyway, and we can control the costs to you, keeping them as low as possible to insure your highest possible profit margin.

What does this mean for you?

We only make money when you make money. This investment in your future means it is in our best interest to see that you succeed. We call this Mutual Investment Partnering™.

We are your guarantee of consistent quality and availability

Instead of farming out the search technology you will use to a third party, we operate our own search servers, guaranteeing their speed, availability, current state of the technology to your customers. Each time a client of yours conducts a search, we are paid a small fee, with the large balance going into your pocket. You are required to pay no up-front money for any of the services you provide to your clients.

We take full responsibility for the quality and speed of our search services. The better service we help you provide to your customers, the faster and bigger you grow. And the more money you make, the more money we make. In fact, our success is dependent on your success, so we are investing in your future just as much as you are! This is why we are looking for committed, professional individuals to to invest in this opportunity.

Measurable Value

Training & Support

Detailed manuals, teleconference training sessions, fast-response support system —you’ll have your business up to full speed lightning-fast

How This Business Works

Client-performed searches, repeat sales, extensive product list, recession proof—an ideal business model for the start-up entrepreneur

Defender Series™
Search Packages

One-click search packages tailored to specific industries —a unique marketing tool and an outstanding product

Our History & Expertise

How we perfected the start-up structure and our responsive training system—and why it matters to your decision