97% of Internet ads are NOT for REAL Background Screenings.
We can tell you why.

Products and Services

Products and Services

Your clients get exactly what they want...

With the entire marketplace of American businesses and institutions open to you as customers, you want services you can offer that streamline the process of delivering value to your clients. We've designed packages customized to each business and industry segment so your searches can address your client's concerns with pinpoint precision.

  • Employers will want to know about previous jobs.
  • Landlords will be concerned about breaches of contracts.
  • Delivery companies will need up-to-date driving records.
  • Childcare centers will want any sex offenders screened out.
  • Medical centers will need accurate information about professional licenses.
  • Other businesses will have their own individual needs...

...and you will have the answers for them and many more at your fingertips!

Plus...if you come across a company with unique needs, we will help you design a unique solution.

Pre-designed search products

We have one-click search solutions for:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Landlords
  • Right to work/legal residency
  • Subcontractor/supplier/vendor
  • Security/Law Enforcement
  • Financial Services
  • Transportation Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Childcare
  • Domestic Services
  • Retail Sales
  • Non-Profit
  • Educational Institutions
  • Dating and relationship
  • Investment Screening
  • Volunteers
  • International (200 countries)
  • Comprehensive (all databases)
  • ...and many more!

During a brief review session (easily conducted over the phone), you train your customers to conduct their own searches. This is faster and more convenient for them and frees up your time and attention for creating new business.

During the initial review, you can set them up to use the pre-packaged searches that fit their needs, or fine-tune them when needed. Additional search elements can easily be added or removed, and the resulting custom-tailored search saved for their future use.

Speed and accuracy just when it's needed

While even complex search packages usually return results within 24-48 hours, sometimes even more immediate answers are needed. Our Motor Vehicle and Eviction searches can get responses from all over the nation within seconds after initiating a search. This is a valuable sales point for landlords and companies requiring reliable drivers, both of which are tremendous pools of potential clients.

The Extra Mile

Having a background check return a clean bill of health for a prospective employee is good news for an employer. But what if a check turns up negative or questionable information about a new hire? Your client is going to want confirmation of this data and possibly more details to help them make a judgment call.

This is why every negative response to a background check is reviewed by a trained private investigator who will confirm the information and help you and your client interpret what it means.

We know that a state-of-the-art computer and database system is only as good as the expert human beings who stand behind it. Your clients can rest assured that they are getting the highest quality information to help protect their business.


We included suggested retail pricing with the search packages, but you are free to price them according to your market. In general, the more comprehensive and wide-ranging the search, the more you can charge. But all of the packages are priced at highly attractive competitive rates, so any resistance based on cost is done away with early in your conversations.

Instead of competing on cost, you will close sales based on the quality and speed of the searches you offer. Our clear and concise training program explains all facets of the industry so you can talk about it authoritatively and quickly demonstrate how your clients can conduct the searches themselves, whenever the need arises. This way, once you have a client's account, they will actually perform the searches and you can simply retrieve the usage information from your computer and bill them accordingly!

Measurable Value

Training & Support

Detailed manuals, teleconference training sessions, fast-response support system —you’ll have your business up to full speed lightning-fast

How This Business Works

Client-performed searches, repeat sales, extensive product list, recession proof—an ideal business model for the start-up entrepreneur

Defender Series™
Search Packages

One-click search packages tailored to specific industries —a unique marketing tool and an outstanding product

Our History & Expertise

How we perfected the start-up structure and our responsive training system—and why it matters to your decision