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The Marketplace

The Marketplace

An unlimited market...

  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that one of every three business failures are the direct result of employee theft.
  • Liz Pulliam Weston of MSN Money found that 9 out of 10 large employers are now investigating applicants.
  • Small businesses are the most vulnerable to occupational fraud and abuse. The average scheme in a small business causes $127,500 in losses. The average scheme in the largest companies costs $97,000.
  • The number of background checks performed in the U.S. is increasing by 26% a year.

...for your new business!

Prior to Background Screeners of America™, we created successful business models in a variety of fields, but the remarkable opportunity presented by the background check business exceeded all our expectations. Every conceivable kind of company and organization—and many individuals—can benefit from the services you will provide.

  • Unlimited marketplace—every business, agency, institution, organization, non-profit and even millions of individuals are potential customers
  • Recession proof—in strong economic times, companies are always hiring and expanding, providing you with more sales opportunities and greater income from existing clients. In difficult times, like the recent financial crisis, more people are job hunting and employers are more cautious and selective—creating a strong need for your services.
  • Tremendous incentive for buying your services—The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that U.S. businesses lose over $650 billion dollars a year to occupational fraud! You can help weed out the dishonest criminal from the competent, honest employee.
  • Enormous pool of potential clients:
    • Large companies
    • Small businesses
    • Schools and institutions
    • Medical facilities
    • Nursing homes
    • Childcare facilities
    • Domestic service companies
    • Dating services and singles
    • Security companies
    • Volunteer organizations
    • Churches, synagogues and mosques
    • Supermarkets
    • Movie theaters
    • Construction companies
    • Investors and investment clubs
    • Landlords and real estate management companies
    • And many, many more. Every listing in your Yellow Pages is a potential client!

And remember this: many of the above businesses may be part of a chain. If you secure the business of, say, a chain of theaters or supermarkets, it can mean a huge jump in your cash flow!

  • Your advantage—people like dealing with a person, rather than a computer. Your personal service helps them design their search package; then they feel more confident in doing the work for you!
  • Your other advantage—the personal touch even extends to the thoroughness of their searches. Every negative item that comes up is reviewed by a licensed private investigator for accuracy and potential danger to your client.
  • Some of the market segments that will provide you with business and cash flow:

Business & Industry

1 out of 3 U.S. businesses fail due to employee theft!

There is always a moment in every evaluation of a prospective new hire when the employer asks: is this person everything he or she says they are? Their résumé is impressive and their history is reassuring, yet is everything accurate? Unless the answer is a resounding “Yes!” the employer may pay the cost in:

  • Lost productivity: is this an underperforming or untrustworthy slacker who will cost time and money?
  • Damaged reputation: is this a deceptive new hire—one who will deliver less than expected or treat customers and clients disrespectfully?
  • Material theft: is the applicant a criminal obtaining employment fraudulently to get in a position where they can steal money, goods, or information?
  • Criminal operations: some businesses are actually used as bases for criminal activity or fraudulent actions which require a respectable front.
  • Liability costs: employees who lie about skills or trustworthiness can expose companies to civil and criminal liability if their actions lead to injury or the commission of crimes while employed there.
  • Training losses: employees may obtain a job for the purpose of receiving paid training, then quit without fulfilling work commitments.

These dangers, plus the undeniable fact that we live in a highly litigious society where lawyers will sue for liability at the least provocation, make every business especially at risk. You will help minimize those risks for your clients.

You will have a variety of specialized search packages designed to meet any business’s needs.

“When organizations do conduct background checks, our findings suggest that those checks should not be limited to criminal history checks. Other factors such as credit history and past job performance may be more predictive of whether an employee is likely to engage in occupational fraud.”

--From a study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Volunteers & Non-Profits

Non-profit companies and other organizations that use volunteers are based on unselfish service; they tend to be more trusting than other businesses. And volunteers often have access to information that can be sensitive and private, creating tremendous risk if misrepresented individuals get access.

Volunteers also have access to vulnerable individuals: children, the elderly, physically handicapped and mentally challenged. This makes non-profits more vulnerable to liability actions if volunteers act in illegal or untrustworthy manners.

Your business has specially structured searches to help protect non-profit and volunteer organizations from all of these hazards.

Security & Clearances

More and more companies are coming under the security requirements imposed by government contracts and subcontracts, scientific and medical research, homeland security concerns and hazardous materials processing and transportation. Such requirements require particular kinds of searches which will be included in the packages you offer.

As immigration and worker permit laws and regulations become more complex, the need for broader employee screenings increases. You can conduct searches that extend internationally to 200 countries, answering the needs of major corporations bringing skilled workers into the United States. You can also conduct screenings for American companies hiring foreign nationals in their overseas offices.

Finance Industry

With sensitive information available at the fingertips of employees there has never been a greater need than now for background screening within these industries. Our suite of background screening searches will assist employers with making informed decisions when hiring. Stock brokers, bank managers, tellers and many other positions within the financial industry will benefit from our services.

Medical & Childcare

Medical facilities such as clinics, hospitals, testing labs and rehabilitation clinics are entrusted with the health and wellbeing of vulnerable individuals. The same is true of schools, day care centers and children's camps, which are responsible for the safety of our children. These companies and organizations run tremendous liability risks if they fail to conduct rigorous backgrounds screenings of individuals who come in contact with vulnerable individuals.

Your specialized screenings help root out the unsavory individuals by searching sex offender registries and criminal record databases for any histories that might put the vulnerable at higher risk.

Transportation & Shipping

Airlines, bus lines, public transportation and shipping companies are entrusted both with the lives of passengers and employees while in transit as well as with hundreds of billions of dollars of goods and materials.

Government agencies require certain standards of control over employees in these industries, including regular drug screenings. These same industries are concerned that only trustworthy individuals are representing them on the road and in the air, to avoid theft, fraud and liability for safety failures.

Your Transportation Searches focus on maintaining a high standard of reliability for workers in these positions of trust.

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