97% of Internet ads are NOT for REAL Background Screenings.
We can tell you why.

Program Components

Training and Support

We are committed to your success...

Unlike many other businesses where you have to learn the details of dozens or hundreds of products, and become expert in many skills required to perform services for clients, the training for conducting background checks focuses on learning an overview of the industry, plus our simple point-and-click search interface. The individual “products” are the search packages, and they are all based on the same basic pattern.

So the bulk of our training and support is designed to help you generate sales and cash flow:

  • How background checks work.
  • The benefits of background checks to all businesses.
  • The dangers of not having a background check option for your company.
  • Examples and case histories of background checks illustrating their benefits and the hazards of using inferior services.
  • How to design and send out email campaigns.
  • Where to place ads and how to generate leads.
  • How to conduct sales calls and how to present the advantages of your business in relaxed and informal conversations with prospective clients.

Turning you into an expert

To get you quickly up to speed, we provide a thorough training package, and we have a dedicated training and support division constantly on call to help you launch, run and grow your business. Included in your Business Launch Package:

  • Manuals - step-by-step descriptions of how your business works, how to run it, how to market it, how to perform procedures, deal with clients and create new customers.
  • CDs - electronic versions of the manuals are on data CDs, so you can access them on your computer and print out portions to assist you. Also included on the CDs are templates, letters and forms for testing and marketing purposes, and examples of how the search interface works.
  • Live teleconferencing - person-to-person training makes your new business come to life for you. Our dedicated training staff takes you through basic procedures and answers all your questions.
  • Ongoing support and mentoring - as your business grows, it's reassuring to know we're always available for advice and support. Plus, we'll keep you up-to-date on new technology, data and business opportunities to maintain your company at maximum profitability.

Our Training and Support Department is behind you every step of the way:

  • Business management - If you're an experienced entrepreneur, we give you the unique info that helps you adapt to the background check model and your marketplace. If you're new to running a business, the Business Launch Package includes both the nuts-and-bolts basics and referrals to online sites that provide comprehensive business management resources.
  • Marketing - You'll get detailed information on where to go, who to talk to, how to approach potential clients, how to generate referrals, and how to create a powerful reputation in your marketplace.
  • Product data - As a background check specialist, you offer customers powerful, individually designed search packages. The essential data we give you lets you talk knowledgably about the state-of-the-art technology that makes your company stand out.
  • Essential procedures - you'll receive clear, concise instructions on how to conduct searches and how to train your clients in these simple procedures.
  • Background information - Your customers will be impressed by the professional knowledge you have at your fingertips. We provide additional data and up-to-date statistics that help you powerfully make your case for the value of background checks to potential clients.
  • Additional resources - Need even more information and how-to advice? We provide links to Internet resources that give you the latest developments in the industry.

Keeping you up-to-date

It is vital to have the latest in industry trends, technical data, and competitive information at your fingertips. But you want to concentrate on running your business and creating new sales.

We gather that information for you. We are members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, the American Staffing Association, and the Society for Human Resource Management. We receive bulletins and newsletters, attend conferences and seminars, and maintain valuable networking contacts—and all of this is passed on to you so you can keep a powerful position in your marketplace!

Measurable Value

Training & Support

Detailed manuals, teleconference training sessions, fast-response support system —you’ll have your business up to full speed lightning-fast

How This Business Works

Client-performed searches, repeat sales, extensive product list, recession proof—an ideal business model for the start-up entrepreneur

Defender Series™
Search Packages

One-click search packages tailored to specific industries —a unique marketing tool and an outstanding product

Our History & Expertise

How we perfected the start-up structure and our responsive training system—and why it matters to your decision