Sanction Searches

When employing healthcare professionals, government agents or anyone in a sensitive position, it is important to ensure there are no sanctions or disciplinary actions taken against them.

Our service offers the following searches to ensure you are hiring the right candidate:

Global Report

The Global Criminal Database contains information to over 100 different sources and is used to identify individuals linked to terrorism or appearing on government watch and sanction lists.  Results include information from U.S. agencies as well as databases of other countries, institutions and international law enforcement agencies.

Contact us for specific coverage.

HealthMed Professional

Incredibly powerful search tool that will provide high quality information on sanction / disciplinary actions taken against individuals and organizations. Our HealthMed Professional search meets all requirements for screening by the Office of Inspector General’s compliance program with information from the following federal sources:

  • OIG (Office of Inspector General)
  • Tri-Care (Previously Known as Champus)
  • GSA (General Services Administration)
  • FDA (Federal Drug Administration)
  • DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)
  • This information is pulled from all state agencies across the 50 states and also includes a Global Report.
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